What Experts Are Saying About Celebrity Perfume

What Experts Are Saying About Celebrity Perfume

These days you cannot pick up a magazine without seeing an advert from a celebrity promoting their own line of beauty products or perfumes. The question that comes to mind is that their perfumes really wearable or is it just a foul odor? As some of the readers are nervous to try scents that are by a tween stat like Gwen Stefani or Britney Spears, others give quite high reviews to the fragrances by Paris Hilton.

With that states, there are numerous celebrity perfumes that have been rated as the best.

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Eay De Parfum Spray

This was launched back in the year 2006 as a feminine scent this perfume’s top notes comprise of pear, peach and then blended into freesia, muguet and honeysuckle. The perfume finishes off with vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber. Many of those women who opt for Live Luxe have had great compliments and also have been questioned about the name of the brand they are wearing. This is scent that men seem to enjoy a lot while their mate is wearing it.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovel Eau De Parfum Spray

This is the newest one from Coty; this amazing perfume for women is a gorgeous bled of bergamot, apple martini, lavender, rosewood and mandarin. The heart of the perfume is of patchouli, orchid and finishes off to musk, woods, while amber and cedar. A large number of women have fallen for this amazing perfume and have commented that it is a fresh scent that lasts all day long.

Britney Spears Fantasy Eau De Parfum Spray

This perfume by Britney Spears happens to be the second of her perfume line that launched back in the year 2005.An invigorating and fun scent, just as Britney Spears is, this feminine perfume possesses a blend of orris root, musk, white chocolate, jasmine, cupcake, kiwi and red lychee. A large number of women have agreed to the fact that this perfume of Britney Spears perfume line smells good enough to actually admit in public that they are wearing this amazing scent. Fantasy scent is recommended to woman for daytime wear.

You should never be afraid of trying something new and amazing regardless if it is got to have a music star or movie name on it. You just perhaps be pleasantly surprised to use the item.

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MasterMataz – Lords Of The Dance

MasterMataz – Lords Of The Dance

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“MasterMataz raising the sound bar”


“MasterMataz raising the sound bar”

EDM Producer and DJ from London, MasterMataz started as a DJ in his teenage years. Music
soon occupied a major portion of his life. Wishing to expand his
artistic talents and skills, he sought out the mentorship of Musician
and Author, Kathleen Lorna Middleton who not only taught him how to play
the piano, but she went on to become one of his closest friends and
surrogate Nan.

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MasterMataz had the honor of befriending the
cousin of the iconic Frank Sinatra (thanks to Kathleen). He also ended
up being Nicholas Sinatra’s personal driver and even got promoted as his
personal assistant, while Nicholas lived in Hendon, London.
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MasterMataz learned his music lessons well and went on to compose and
perform his own songs. He has worked with many amazingly talented
artists like Jenni French from Los Angeles, with whom he later formed
ElectroPoets, and Louise Browne.
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MasterMataz has also been
doing inspired creative writing since the year 2000 and has currently
published two books. One of them is entitled, MasterMataz: The Journey –
Awakening the Words Within – Special Edition 2014, which includes many
of his song lyrics, poems, and other creative thoughts that are based
off of events from his life.
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He says, “Life experiences,
people, and situations both good and bad, all provide a profound
learning experience… ideas and songs spring from these.” You can get a
copy of his inspirational e-book on Amazon, which happens to be
available for free. “his inspirational e-book” Some of the most popular
creative writings by MasterMataz are in his book, World Prayer for Peace
by All Artists: War Is an Excuse, Not a Solution.
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has been self-taught in many diverse areas such as Sound Design, Web
Development, Graphic Design, and even Creative Writing. Creativity is
the ultimate force that drives him. He has a natural inclination towards
being imaginative, which fuels his work tremendously. MasterMataz has
received degrees in both Computer Technology and Micro Computer System
Building. Computers are another thing he has a knack for. When he was
just twelve years old, he picked up a Sinclair ZX81 and has been in love
with technology ever since.
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The music of MasterMataz can be
found in all major online stores. He’s also a member of the FAC
(Featured Artist Coalition), PPL UK, and Sony VEVO Artist, under the
names of MasterMataz, DJaay, DJaayMissB.
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